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About the farm...

       Featherbaby Farm was born out of my chicken addiction.  It all started as a casual hobby, but quickly turned into a passion.  I love all breeds, colors, and sizes.  I have been raising chickens for over 15 years.  Featherbaby Farm is a small farm, not a commercial type hatchery.  All my birds have names and are my loved and spoiled pets. I have small hatches focused on the quality of the breed and improving egg color.  I am NPIP certified and love to share my babies.  I do this because I love it. 


        Currently, my available breeds are Black Copper Marans, Cream Legbars, Orpingtons, Large Fowl Cochins (frizzle and smooth), Blue Laced Red Wyandottes, Olives/Sage eggers, Polish (candy corn and gold laced), Belgian d'Uccles (millie fleur and porcelain), Silkies, Satins and Showgirls (frizzle and smooth) and Seramas (frizzle and smooth).


Hatching At Home

Have you always wanted to hatch your own chicks but not had the equipment or knowledge?

Now you can...

Your family or school group can experience the magic of watching chicks emerge into the world. In our four-week Hatching At Home program, you'll get an instructional guide, curriculum, and everything else you need to incubate, hatch, and care for chicks until they are a week old.  Then you can return your chicks to the farm - or keep them for your backyard coop! 



If you place an order, I assume you have read and agree with the following:


If you place an order for eggs or chicks, I will take payment to collect your egg order or to hold your chicks. This payment is NON REFUNDABLE.  I cannot hold chicks more than a couple days unless otherwise discussed and agreed upon with an additional brooding fee (if space allows).  

Featherbaby Farm works tirelessly to ensure that anything you purchase is strong and healthy at the time you pick up or they are dropped off with USPS.  Once they leave our care they are no longer in our control and therefore we can NOT GUARANTEE their safety.  Featherbaby Farm will not provide any refunds or exchanges once they have left the farm, whether in your care or the care of USPS.  


I accept Venmo, Zelle, FB pay, PayPal, and Cash App.  If you use PayPal or Venmo, please send “trusted source” so there are no added fees.  If you wish to send PayPal or Venmo “goods and services” please add an additional $5 to your total to cover the fees. 


I am an NPIP member.  I package eggs with the utmost care using foam shippers and bubble wrap, with an excellent record of eggs arriving unbroken.  Shipping can be hard on eggs.  There are many factors that can cause an egg to not develop.  Even if the eggs and box arrive in good condition, shipped eggs are always a gamble.  I test fertility weekly on my farm and only send fresh eggs.  Once I collect fresh eggs, pack them carefully, and drop them at the post office, they are out of my control.  I cannot refund for broken, late, or damaged packages.  I send all eggs priority mail with up to $50 USPS insurance that allows YOU to file an online claim with USPS if need be.  Make sure to take photos of the damage to file a successful claim.  My standard shipping price for a dozen eggs is $25. 

When shipping chicks / birds I can NOT GUARANTEE live arrival as I have no control over USPS shipping times and conditions.  USPS insures each priority mail package for up to $50 and each priority express package for up to $100.  YOU will need to file an online claim with USPS and collect.  Shipping prices for chicks / birds will vary depending on the weight and ship to address - a shipping quote will be provided at time of purchase. 


I work hard on selective breeding to produce high quality, good tempered, beautiful birds.  It is in your best interest to research the breed so that you clearly understand what you are purchasing.  Common misunderstandings are:

  • Olive Eggers CAN in fact lay brown or green eggs, there is no guarantee of green eggs

  • Blue Laced Red Wyandotts follow blue genetices and will hatch blue, black and splashed laced chicks

  • Chocolate and mauve Silkies are a project color and can feather out in many shades from super light to super dark

  • Hatching the darkest Marans eggs is NOT a guarantee that the offspring will lay dark eggs

  • Seramas most often do NOT breed true to color so you have no guarantee what color babies will hatch or how they will feather out


Genetics are complicated.  Recessive genes can show up at anytime.  I want to point out that you may get an odd egg or chick.  For example, I do not breed any straight comb silkies or BLRW, but you may hatch one.  You may get an unexpected color chick, a chick with incorrect toes, pigment gaps, leakage, etc.  There is no such thing as show quality chicks or hatching eggs.  Even if you breed only show quality parent birds, or only hatch the darkest eggs, there is no guarantee the offspring will be show quality or produce that color egg.   This is expected even in the best of breeding programs.  If you are not ok with this please do not place an order.   Please carefully review my website and especially breed descriptions so you are clear on what you are purchasing before placing your order.  


If purchasing an unsexed (straight run) chick there is NO GUARANTEE you will get a female.  Unsexed (straight run) chicks mean there is no way of telling whether the chick is male or female.  If you happen to get a rooster Featherbaby Farm will NOT refund your purchase nor trade for a female.  

Though it happens very, very infrequently it is possible that you may get a rooster when purchasing a sexed female.  If this should occur Featherbaby Farm will refund the purchase price of the chick only or trade for a like aged female if one is available.  


Please take some time to learn about the breeds genetics you are purchasing and how to hatch and care for chicks before you jump in.  The internet has a wealth of information to get you started.  Incubating can be tricky and some breeds are more fragile and require special attention.  Please do your research first. I want everyone to have a successful hatch and be happy with their Featherbabies. 

If you are unsure or are in need of step-by-step guides and the equipment required to incubate, hatch and care for your chicks then please check out HatchingAtHome.

I am always available for help and guidance, but please do some research first.  If you are still unsure please don’t hesitate to contact me. 

See the "FAQs" page to get you started.


You can contact me to place an order through Facebook messenger, on my FB farm page @featherbabyfarm, or at -- all of which are linked through the buttons below. :)


Thanks for submitting!

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